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4 common problems associated with traditional pigging methods, and how to overcome them

21 August 2019

There are an abundance of reasons why regular pigging is advantageous - from cleaning out debris, water or oil, to executing preventative or corrective maintenance to ensure the integrity of a pipeline. 

Pigging is also often used in the pre-comissioning or decommissioning phases of a pipeline to prepare the line to receive oil or gas by removing the pre commissioning fluid (usually water) and replacing it with gas or glycol based fluids, or in the case of decommissioning, cleaning the line of hydrocarbons and debris to allow it to be decommissioned.

However with these benefits come an array of challenges associated with both mechanical and foam pigs, which are the most commonly used types, that can result in costly problems or prevent pigging from happening at all. 

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Is your wellbore clean up solution meeting your well’s needs?

14 February 2019

Okay, you’ve drilled your wellbore. Now all you have to do is tidy it up ahead of your cement job, install your completion and start producing. Right?


We know you’re keen to get to the production stage as soon as possible. We all are. But you’ve got to prepare your well properly first. And that means a thorough wellbore clean up after you’ve drilled and before you add your cement and casing.


If you don’t clean up your wellbore properly you could put yourself at risk of all kinds of problems further down the line. Extra logistics costs, well damage, increased non-productive time (NPT) and workovers. You might even lose your well.

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The benefits of wellbore cleanup

6 December 2018


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Aubin launches chemical manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia

4 December 2018

The move provides Aubin with both liquid and powder blending manufacturing capabilities in the Kingdom for the first time. It will maximise IKTVA (In Kingdom Total Value Add) product content and enhance the company’s local credentials whilst supporting larger regional and international service companies in the provision of locally manufactured products. 

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21 November 2018

Chief Financial Officer Katy Gifford has been appointed Chief Executive Officer, allowing former CEO Paddy Collins to take up the newly created post of Chief Technology Officer. Aubin’s finance team will be restructured in line with the change.

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Why is chemical wash important in my well construction?

24 October 2018

So why exactly do we need chemical washes in our drilling and completion activities and why is selection so important? Soap is soap isn’t it, well not really.

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18 October 2018

Effective wellbore clean up is a vitally important element in the overall construction project for any well. Of course, every well has its own characteristics and individual wellbore clean-up requirements, but there are some common, sound technical and financial reasons why you should undertake a thorough clean up of your wellbore before completing your well.

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Water production, why can’t we have less of it?

6 September 2018

In 2018, water production accounts for 90-95% of total fluids production in mature fields of the North Sea. It is not uncommon for fields producing 10-15,000 barrels of oil a day to produce over 300,000 barrels of water. Reducing water production would go a long way to improving field economics:

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aubin cements presence in Norway at ons 2018

7 August 2018

Aubin is solidifying its presence in Norway as a leading provider of chemical solutions and expertise. Come along and learn about or downhole water shut off technology, well services chemicals and pipeline pigs and gels.

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Underwater Lifting System KTP graded OUTSTANDING

16 July 2018

The KTP, led by Sergi Almirall, was focussed on developing an underwater lifting system as a solution to the subsea maintenance, commissioning and decommissioning operations. The project has taken “DeepBuoy” Aubin’s patented pumpable liquid buoyancy technology and incorporated it into an engineered system that can enable divers and ROV’s to lift and move objects underwater.

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