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Aubin enhances acid corrosion inhibitor portfolio

18 March 2021

Corrosion inhibitors are the most crucial additive of any stimulation operation, preventing damage to downhole equipment, tubulars and surfaces while simultaneously maximising your asset’s longevity and reducing operational costs.

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Meet the Team: A Q&A with Emilia Davis, Business Development Executive

19 January 2021

Full name: Emilia Davis

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Aubin Group Lands $16m In New Business As It Sets Sights On Growth

12 January 2021


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Wellbore clean-up: finding the right solution

7 December 2020

Wellbore clean-up is the essential link between drilling operations and the completion of a well. Once a well has been drilled, it is essential to prepare it properly in advance of cementing and casing insertion.

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The importance of wellbore clean-up

7 December 2020

Wellbore debris is a recurring problem for the life of any well. Although debris comes in a variety of forms the end result is the same. A poorly cleaned wellbore can damage equipment, cause production losses and damage the formation.

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How Aubin can help at each stage of a decommissioning project

28 October 2020

Well decommissioning:

This early stage of decommissioning is very important to focus on as it can contribute up to 45% of the total project cost. If we can reduce the cost of well abandonment, it will result in a huge reduction of cost in the overall decommissioning process.

The objective of this stage is to isolate zones of flow potential and stop hydrocarbons from reaching the surface of a well. Our product Xclude isolates these zones in the formation itself, rather than in the well, by reducing the formation permeability so that it can no longer flow.

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Decommissioning: challenges, opportunities and new solutions

21 September 2020

With more assets and wells coming to the end of their economic life, decommissioning is a pertinent topic of discussion across the globe, particularly in the North Sea. This type of project can be extremely challenging, costly, and time consuming, however new technology is continually emerging to help operators unlock efficiencies throughout the decommissioning process.

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Meet the team: a Q&A with Ahmed Alaa, Sales & Account Manager at Aubin

22 April 2020

Full name: Ahmed Alaa

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The benefits of chemical foamers, and how best to use them to maximise production

14 April 2020

Downhole fluid build-up coupled with a drop in reservoir pressure can lead to the rapid decline of gas production rates, and can ultimately result in a well ceasing production. 

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Meet the team: a Q&A with Katy Gifford, CEO of Aubin Group

4 March 2020

Full name: Katy Gifford

Job title: CEO

Joined Aubin in: 2014

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