18 October 2018 by Aubin Group

Effective wellbore clean up is a vitally important element in the overall construction project for any well. Of course, every well has its own characteristics and individual wellbore clean-up requirements, but there are some common, sound technical and financial reasons why you should undertake a thorough clean up of your wellbore before completing your well.

It helps the optimal running of your completion

With well costs running well into the multi million dollar bracket, your completion has to run as near optimal as possible. To achieve that goal of optimal performance from your completion, and to avoid any difficulties that may arise, ensuring the wellbore is clean and free of mud residues is a valuable investment.

It can reduce non-productive time (NPT)

If the wellbore is not cleaned effectively, you run the risk of increasing the potential for creating costly NPT down the line. Wellbore debris represents a significant risk to your well and completions activity. An idle well is an expense that no one wants to be responsible for. Clean up your wellbore properly at the outset and you significantly reduce the likelihood of failed equipment runs and expensive downtime later.

It improves productivity

Anything that can increase output from your well has to be a good thing, right? So, when the potential financial gain from a thorough wellbore clean-up are so great, why wouldn’t you give yourself the best chance to achieve them?

It can be more than just a clean up

Yes, cleaning the wellbore is one thing, but if done properly the process can also protect your well in advance of completion to give you important assurances on your wellbore’s integrity.

It has environmental benefits

Wellbore debris can be a cause of fluid contamination downhole and pose a serious threat to the environment. Removing that debris using environmentally friendly tools and products can therefore eliminate such risks.

The Aubin solution

Aubin’s environmentally friendly wellbore clean-up products provide an effective method to clean up mud residues and improve final well productivity.

Our wellbore clean-up products have been developed with the improvement of your well and the environment in mind. Post-drilling, our fluids can play a role in cleaning, protecting and preparing your well. 

CW-20, CW-80 and CW-12 are chemical washes made up from synergistic blends of surfactant/solvent that are utilised as a cleaner in a number of different applications.

Used for casing cleaning, rig washing, pit cleaning and general removal of oil-based drilling fluid residues from equipment and are used as a pre-flush ahead of a weighted spacer. They were designed to dissolve and emulsify hydrocarbon fractions of mud residues to prepare the well for receiving cement. The products are highly effective in divalent brines, and can be applied with polymer viscosifiers to modify rheology.

What’s more, our wellbore clean-up products CW-20, CW-12 and CW-80 are tested in our lab, manufactured in UK and UAE and proven in fields all over the world.

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