A range of green foamers designed to effectively enhance gas production


Benefits of our foamers

Tested and proven foamer technology
Low cost and low risk
Can result in significant increases in gas flow
Can be used continuously or in batch treatment
Can produce results quickly
Can be tailored to suit your specific needs
Full range to suit varying levels of condensate, salinity or temperature of your wells
Most products are registered under the UK OCNS scheme with excellent environmental ratings
Effective at high temperatures and condensate loading


Gas well deliquification takes place when our foamer is introduced into the well and creates the necessary amount of foam, able to unload the liquid and let the gas production to be restored and increased.

Our wide range of high performance foamers can be tailored, tweaked and adjusted to your needs, to create stable foams even in challenging operating conditions.

"Using foamers early is key. I recommend using a foamer as soon as your well starts producing water, instead of waiting until the well is depleted or dead. Adding a foamer at an earlier stage will likely give you much stronger results."

Kevin Lonie, BD Manager at Aubin

Interested or want to learn more?

Get in touch with the foamer experts at Aubin. They'll be able to:

  • Discuss your requirement, and provide advice or guidance
  • Provide you with more information about our range of foamers
  • Answer any questions you may have about foamers and their application
  • Develop a customised solution for your company