Underwater Lifting System KTP graded OUTSTANDING

16 July 2018 by Aubin Group

Aubin’s knowledge transfer partnership (KTP) with University of Aberdeen graded OUTSTANDING

The KTP, led by Sergi Almirall, was focussed on developing an underwater lifting system as a solution to the subsea maintenance, commissioning and decommissioning operations. The project has taken “DeepBuoy” Aubin’s patented pumpable liquid buoyancy technology and incorporated it into an engineered system that can enable divers and ROV’s to lift and move objects underwater.

The research and development carried out during the KTP has resulted in the launch of the Aubin Underwater Lifting System (ULS) at the National Decommissioning Centre of Excellence earlier in 2018.

Aubin CEO Paddy Collins is “delighted at the success of the KTP and the strides it has helped us take with our technology

Topics: Subsea Lifting, Subsea, Decomissioning

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